What to Expect from 2017 Web Redesigns

web design trends
26 Jan

A few years back it was all the rage to declare the end of the home page. These bold statements stemmed from the incorrect belief that social media would take over everything. Instead, there has been a merger of functionalities across all platforms. The drivers of this – for lack of a better word – consolidation is Google and Mobile. Here are a few thoughts on web-design trends we’ll see in 2017 and beyond.

Flat Design: The idea of simple grid based designs have continued to dominate the look and feel of sites and will be the most common way information is presented in 2017. Of course, there is the risk of a certain sameness across sites but there is also a reason for this. It is easy to read, easy to present on mobile devices, and folks know how to navigate these designs. We’ll see some creative-types try to introduce more geometric/complex designs but it will be the exception, not the rule. Think of the last time the basic design of a book was modified. It’s been the accepted standard for centuries and the same will hold true for site design.

Optimization: Sites are designed to be seen. In the last year or so Google when made changes to their algorithms site managers had to adapt to what Google was looking for. Who really know what Google will do next, but whatever they announce, the market will react to protect their ranking.

Movement: We see this across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. More use of movement/video and the emergence of real-time streaming. It will only be a matter of time before live product introductions (or manufacturing streams) will be a core part of a site. Imagine seeing your car being built on an assembly line or requesting a store associate (who is close to your body type) trying on a dress so you can see how it looks before you buy it. This will not be commonplace in 2017, but it you look, you will probably be able to find someone featuring this capability.

The web is – and continues to be – a dynamic place to the last prediction – and the most solid one is that there will continue to be innovation, surprises, and success and failure.